I began teaching guitar when I was 19...

I began studying piano at 7. At age 14, I began studying the guitar with the legendary virtuoso, Joe Satriani. This formed the basis of much of my knowledge about scales and theory, as well as Rock technique.

While attending UC San Diego, I studied Jazz, Recording Science, and Music Theory, as well as training in notation and dictation, and began teaching guitar and playing in bands.

After a brief stint in Santa Fe, NM, I returned to the Bay Area, where I began teaching full-time, as well as playing and recording with a number of bands.

In 2004, I relocated to Austin, TX, and have been here ever since. I still play in bands and continue to study guitar. While primarily a Rock guitarist, I have studied fingerstyle guitar (Steel and Classical) extensively, and have a passable knowledge of Jazz. I have an excellent ear and am able to transcribe just about anything, and I am a proficient reader.

Notable former students include:

  • Mark Letierri (guitarist with 3-time Grammy winner, Snarky Puppy)
  • Scott Henson (bassist, Glee)